APPROVED LIST this list contains companies and individuals who have been approved to collect thier grant. Please kindly contact our online representatives so as to get your money delevered in less than 24 hours

# Name City State Country Type Status
1 Rose Carr Jersey City New Jersey United States Cash Delivered
2 Ruth M. Prust Baton Rogue Louisiana United States Cash In Process
3 Amrish Ilyas Delhi New Dehli India Cash Approved
4 John Irvan Ottawa Canada Canada Cash Pending
5 Katherine Alexander Arlington Texas United States Cash Approved
6 Ricky Shaw Florida Florida United States Cash In Process
7 Carole Knudson Tinsley Guadalajar Jalisco Mexico Cash Delivered
8 Marian Clinic Jersey City New Jersey United States Cash Approved
9 Arleen K Bauer Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi U.A.E Cash Approved
10 Avantas Ghosal Dispur Assam India Cash In Process
11 John Lane Buffalo New-York United States Cash Delivered
12 Sirach Charles Albany Park Bexley U.K Cash Approved
13 Jeanie Harris Alberta Edmonton Canada Cash Delivered
14 Carolyn Schwartz manitoba Winipeg Canada Cash Pending
15 Salvation Army The Los Angeles California United States Cash Approved
16 Hope Acadamy & PreSchool Manitoba Winipeg Canada Cash Delivered
17 Maryanne Cuschieri Manchester Greater Manchester England Cash Approved
18 Steven Cowfer Binningen Arleshiem Switzerland Cash Delivered
19 World Vision Cincinati Ohio United States Cash Delivered
20 1 Million Women Sydney Sydney Australia Cash Pending
21 Totally Positive Prod. British Columbia Canada Nigeria Cash Approved
22 Tony Pratt Washington D.C. United States Cash Pending
23 Denver Kids Inc Denver Colorado United States Cash Delivered